About Us

Indiana Gasification is working to make a $2.8 billion clean energy investment in Southern Indiana to construct a state-of-the-art coal gasification facility that will produce substitute natural gas (SNG) and liquefied carbon dioxide (CO2) from coal and be one of the cleanest coal energy plants in the world.

Indiana Gasification is utilizing a new generation of clean energy technology. Our gasification technology is a proven technology that is able to produce substitute natural gas and liquefied CO2 from Illinois Basin coal and petroleum coke.

Our state-of-the art facility will convert local materials to a pipeline-quality substitute natural gas that can be used in stoves, dryers and furnaces across the state. Currently, almost no natural gas is produced in Indiana. In addition, the liquefied CO2 meets or exceeds all specification for use in enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

Gasification is a clean chemical process. In fact, impurities and pollutants (such as sulfur, particulates and mercury) are safely captured and removed upfront in the process. Thus, by gasifying the coal, rather than directly combusting it, the operation will achieve very low air emissions, including only about 100 tons per year of each nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and particulate matter (PM-10).

Our process is 99 percent cleaner than conventional power plants. The plant is designed to liquefy at least 80 percent of the CO2 produced in the gasification process. This means approximately 5.5 million tons of liquefied carbon dioxide will be available to sell for use in EOR operations in the Gulf Coast Region.

The Indiana Gasification project plans to include construction of an approximately 440 mile CO2 pipeline to Mississippi that will transport the plant’s CO2 for use in existing EOR operations.

Indiana Gasification’s 5.5 million tons of CO2 could produce between 10 and 20 million barrels of incremental domestic oil (up to 1% of current total U.S. oil production).